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Build-ables - Building Site Vehicles 2 in 1

Build-ables - Building Site Vehicles 2 in 1

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The Construct IT Build-ables Building Site set is perfect for young builders who enjoy constructing and engaging in imaginative play on a bustling building site. Part of the Build-ables line by Construct IT, this 1 in 1 Building Site set captivates children who are fascinated by the impressive machinery commonly seen at construction sites and have a passion for creating. With a total of 40 pieces, the set challenges children to utilize the provided mini tool kit to assemble each component accurately. Designed with younger children in mind, the construction process is simple, featuring step-by-step instructions that foster an understanding of basic engineering principles.

What sets the Construct IT Build-ables Building Site set apart is its incredible versatility, offering a 2-in-1 experience! Kids can construct a robust bulldozer to demolish any obstacles in its path, and then transform it into a sturdy dump truck to efficiently transport the debris. This set guarantees both enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment during the building process, as well as endless playtime fun afterward.

Suitable for ages 3 and up,

key features:

  • Build both a dump truck and a bulldozer, offering a dual construction experience.
  • Conveniently stored in a stylish carrying case, ideal for easy organization and portability.
  • Includes a mini tool kit to facilitate assembly and enhance the building experience.
  • Promotes an understanding of the construction process and cultivates a basic knowledge of how things are built.
  • Offers an educational and enjoyable playtime experience for children.
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