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Build-ables - Construction Vehicles 2 in 1

Build-ables - Construction Vehicles 2 in 1

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Introducing the Build-ables series, a delightful twist on the beloved Construct IT sets tailored for a younger audience. Specifically designed for children ages 3 and up, these Build-ables Construction sets offer a world of construction site excitement.

This Build-ables Construction set features two engaging vehicles for young builders to assemble. They can construct a captivating cement truck, ensuring the building crew has an ample supply of cement. Additionally, they can create a JCB vehicle, perfect for tackling heavy lifting tasks on a bustling workday. These vehicles provide endless entertainment during both the building process and playtime.

What sets this set apart for younger children is the simplicity of construction. With easy snap-together pieces and straightforward instructions, the vehicles come together effortlessly after just a few steps. This seamless building experience fosters children's confidence in their ability to create. While the Construct IT series excels in teaching the fundamentals of engineering, the Build-ables Construction acts as a stepping stone for young learners.

Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for young vehicle enthusiasts fascinated by construction sites.
  • Effortless assembly of each vehicle for a satisfying building experience.
  • Enhances fine motor skills as children manipulate the pieces.
  • The box doubles as a convenient carrying case, keeping everything safe and organized.
  • These two vehicles provide endless fun and imaginative play opportunities.
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