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Build-ables - Forestry Vehicles 2 in 1

Build-ables - Forestry Vehicles 2 in 1

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Make working in the forest even more fun with the epic Construct IT Build-ables 2 in 1 Forestry Set!

With the Construct IT Build-ables 2 in 1 Forestry Set children can really show off their creative side as they build two awesome logging machines! What is so great about the Build-ables series from Construct It is that these sets are designed with younger children in mind. Each set comes with a mini tool kit that is used to build each vehicle. Not only is this way more fun than just snapping bricks together, but it also teaches them the very basics of engineering which is so cool!

The Construct IT Build-ables 2 in 1 Forestry Set allows them to build a strong forestry vehicle for picking up heavy logs and then there is the truck to haul it away. It even comes with a few logs to make playing with the set even more fun! Each step of the instruction is designed to be easy to follow and they will truly have a whole lot of fun as they put each piece into the right place. Any child that loves vehicles and making things is going to have all kinds of fun with this!

Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Key Features:

  • This set is great for kids that love playing with vehicles
  • Building these forestry vehicles is going to be educational and fun!
  • The packaging doubles as a carrying case too
  • This set has instructions that are easy for would-be engineers to follow
  • The Build-ables line is a great entry to the world of Construct IT
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