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Build-ables Plus - Crane Truck

Build-ables Plus - Crane Truck

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Introducing Construct IT's Build-ables Crane Truck Mega Lifter, the ultimate set in the Build-ables line for kids with heavy lifting to do in their toybox!

The Build-ables Plus series from Construct IT offers a fantastic way for children to learn the basics of engineering while having fun building a new toy to play with! The Build-ables Crane Truck Mega Lifter consists of just over 80 pieces that require precise placement with the included mini tool kit. This ensures that putting the crane truck together is not only enjoyable but also sets the stage for endless fun once it's completed. With sound and light features, this awesome truck comes to life during playtime!

The Build-ables Crane Truck Mega Lifter stands out with its authentic look, inspiring kids to engage in both building and imaginative play. To enhance the play experience, the set includes a neat accessory kit featuring road signs, ensuring that other cars and trucks in the toybox know to keep their distance during heavy lifting operations.

Suitable for ages 5 years and up.

Key Features:

  • Cool Crane Truck Design: Children will love building this impressive crane truck, which offers a realistic and captivating appearance.
  • Fun Carrying Case: The set comes in a fun carrying case that doubles as a convenient storage solution, keeping all the pieces organized and ready for play.
  • Learning Through Play: As children build the crane truck, they simultaneously learn important engineering concepts, making the experience both entertaining and educational.
  • Included Tool Kit: The set includes a mini tool kit that children will love using, fostering a sense of hands-on engagement and making them feel like real builders.
  • Interactive Build-ables Line: The Build-ables line encourages children to be more hands-on with their toys, providing an immersive and rewarding play experience.

Let children immerse themselves in the world of construction and hands-on play with Construct IT's Build-ables Crane Truck Mega Lifter. With its engaging building process, authentic design, and educational value, this set guarantees hours of entertainment and learning. Get ready to lift, construct, and enjoy endless fun with Construct IT!

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