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Build-ables Plus - Dump Truck

Build-ables Plus - Dump Truck

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Introducing Construct IT's Build-ables Plus Dump Truck Demolition Mover, a thrilling addition to this exciting range!

The Build-ables Plus Dump Truck Demolition Mover is a super fun set designed for children who love building and creating. With Construct IT's Build-ables series, children use the included tool kit to assemble all the pieces and create an awesome dump truck that they can play with. This interactive set features sounds, lights, and zooming action, providing endless entertainment both during the building process and during playtime. The set even includes a neat accessory pack with road signs for added realism!

The instructions included with the Build-ables Plus Dump Truck Demolition Mover are easy to follow, allowing children to learn the basics of engineering as they carefully place each piece in its rightful place. The set is packaged in a cool clip case, ensuring the pieces stay safe and providing a convenient storage solution for the dump truck when not in use.

Suitable for ages 5 and up.

Key Features:

  • Fun Dump Truck Demolition Mover: Children can build their very own dump truck demolition mover, providing hours of imaginative play and adventure.
  • Included Tool Kit: The set comes with a fun tool kit that allows children to engage in hands-on construction, enhancing their fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities.
  • Basics of Engineering: As children assemble the dump truck, they learn fundamental principles of engineering, fostering a deeper understanding of how things are built and work.
  • Build and Play Fun: The Build-ables Plus Dump Truck Demolition Mover offers a dual experience of building and playing, ensuring that children have fun throughout the entire process.
  • Cool Carrying Case: Packaged in a stylish carrying case, the set is portable and easily stored. Children can take their dump truck on the go or keep it organized when not in use.

Let your child's creativity and imagination soar with Construct IT's Build-ables Plus Dump Truck Demolition Mover. This exciting set combines the joy of building with the thrill of interactive play, providing a rewarding and educational experience. Get ready for an adventure-filled construction journey with Construct IT!

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