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Build-ables Plus - Fire Engine Emergency

Build-ables Plus - Fire Engine Emergency

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The Construct IT Build-ables plus Fire Engine set, part of the awesome Build-ables series from Construct IT, is guaranteed to provide kids with an incredible building experience!

As the number one construction brand for kids, Construct IT delivers exceptional sets that come complete with a real tool kit, enabling children to bring a cool vehicle to life. In the case of the Construct IT Build-ables Fire Engine set, they'll assemble an amazing fire engine! Each piece must be placed correctly and screwed together, offering both fun and a valuable learning opportunity in basic engineering principles.

This fire engine is truly impressive! Its vibrant colors, sound effects, and illuminating lights make it both visually appealing and interactive. Kids will love zooming it around their home, coming to the rescue of other toys in danger. Additionally, the set includes a fun accessory kit that enhances imaginative play. Construct IT sets are renowned for their easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring a frustration-free building process. Even the box serves as a practical storage solution!

Suitable for ages 5 and up

?Key Features:?

  • Includes an awesome tool kit for an authentic building experience.
  • Children actively construct their own fire engine.
  • Features a cool design with lights, sounds, and vibrant colors.
  • With just over 100 pieces, it provides an enjoyable and rewarding building challenge.
  • Offers a perfect blend of educational value and fun-filled playtime.
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