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Build-ables - Roadworks Vehicles 2 in 1

Build-ables - Roadworks Vehicles 2 in 1

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Junior builders and engineers can take care of the roads with this awesome Construct IT Build-ables 2 in 1 Roadworks Set!

This Construct IT Build-ables 2 in 1 Roadworks set is the ultimate way to help a child that loves playing with construction toys and making things with bricks have even more fun and also learn a thing or two about the incredible world of engineering! The Construct IT Build-ables range is all about helping young children learn through playing. This set contains 39 pieces and what is neat is that these pieces do not just all simply snap together! They are put together with the mini tool kit that is included in the box. The set features simple instructions that teach children what to do one step at a time.

What kids will really love about the Construct IT Build-ables 2 in 1 Roadworks set is that this lets them build two very cool construction vehicles in a cherry picker and a steamroller! These are fun to play with, but the building of these is perhaps even more fun! What is so great about the Construct IT range is that it has so many educational benefits as well as being fun. It gets children to think about the way things are made, fine tunes those fine motor skills, and helps them develop an interest in engineering too!

Suitable for ages 4 and up.

Key Features:

  • This awesome set allows them to make two very cool vehicles
  • The instructions are very simple to follow so there is no frustration
  • The mini tool kit is something that they are going to love
  • The box doubles as a carrying case
  • They will love adding this and other sets to their collection
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