DIY Magic Beads Kit

DIY Magic Beads Kit

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Painting with water beads is a wonderful form of process art and a sensory experience
that kids of all ages will love.

Each kit comes with:

- 200 colourful beads,
- 2 working templates assorted in the themes of animal, sea life and transport
- Bead working plate/canvas
- Water spray bottle
- Tweezers
- 2 accessory loops
- 2 key rings

So how does it work?

1. Pick the template that you'd like to use.
2. Place the template under the working plate with the smooth side of the plate down. Make sure the circles on the plate are in line with the coloured circles on the template.
3. Have a look at the colours needed to complete your artwork based on the template you chose.
4. Get the coloured beads that you need ready and using your hands or the tweezers carefully start placing the corresponding on the plate, matching the colour underneath. Keep a steady hand as precision is key!
5. Once you are satisfied with your finished artwork, carefully slide the template out from underneath, fill up your water spray bottle and spray water over the top of the beads, this will make them stick together.
6. Leave the artwork to sit for 5 minutes and then carefully remove it from the working plate.
7. Well done! Now you have 7 more to make!

Once you master the art - you may want to draw your own templates to use.

This meditative craft is lots of fun and a great gift idea too!

Recommended Ages: 5 years +

WARNING: Choking Hazard. Small Parts
Not suitable for children under 3 years