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Miniland - Clothing Sea Coloured T-shirt and Pants Set, 38 cm

Miniland - Clothing Sea Coloured T-shirt and Pants Set, 38 cm

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The clothing fosters manipulative skills and help toddlers become familiar with different types of zippers and buttons.

Doll accessories feature a wide range of details and are of the highest quality.

This outfit fits the Miniland 38 cm and 40 cm hard-bodied dolls but not the Miniland soft-bodied dolls.

Age: 3+

Made in Spain, these new eco outfits are made from pre-and post-consumer textile waste so they help prevent further landfill and incineration. Low-impact blends are used by mixing undyed recycled cotton fibre with other support fibres to create new materials. The dying process creates beautiful unique colours without using water or chemicals. All partner factories are certified by independent bodies to support claims.

Miniland Group produces educational doll collections to help children comprehend the concepts of family, population groups, the basic rules of relationships and coexistence, and respect for racial and sexual diversity. They hope in doing so they will encourage future generations to achieve their noblest dreams and make them a reality.

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