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Scrutiny the Board Game

Scrutiny the Board Game

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Scrutiny Australian Vintage Board Game All Ages

My grandfather created this game for the whole family to enjoy.

Scrutiny is a game played by 2 players, with the aid of a playing board and 32 marbles. Players sit opposite, as in chess and draughts. Each player places 4 playing pieces (marbles) in each of their 4 holding bowls on each of the players own side of the board. Sixteen marbles on each side. Leave the end neutral pockets empty. The 4 bowls in front of each player are the only areas from which that player can move. Marbles are for numbering moves and are not owned by either player. 


1. The players decide who moves first.

2. The player whose turn it is first to move selects any one of their 4 bowls, and removes all the marbles in that bowl leaving the bowl empty. 

3. A player should not touch any of the marbles until that player has decided to move. If a player touches any marbles the player must empty the bowl.

4. Each player must move when it is that players turn and cannot miss a turn.

5. The player, having removed all the marbles from the bowl chosen, then leaving the bowl empty, places the marbles one (only) at a time in each of the following bowl to the right (anticlockwise, do not jump any bowls) including the end neutral pockets; around the board until they have distributed all the marbles from the bowl.

6. Neutral pockets are to hold marbles only and not to be touched by either player.

7. If a move by a player results in the last marbles being places in either of the neutral pocket, that player has a free or bonus move. Such a free or bonus move is played immediately it is earned. There is no limit to bonus moves, if the last marble is placed in a neutral bowl.

8. The number of marbles in each bowl will vary and are only used in numbering each move.

9. Once a players move is completed, the opponent has their move in the same manner, choosing any bowl for their move.


To be the first to EMPTY OUT all the marbles from their 4 holding bowls or playing area, thus the player first to have no marbles left is the winner.


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