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That's Gross Science Lab

That's Gross Science Lab

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Experience the delightfully disgusting world of chemistry with That's Gross Science! This unique science kit combines grossness and fun to engage young minds in the wonders of chemistry. Get ready for an adventure filled with slimy substances, foul smells, and revolting reactions!

The star of the show is the motorized toilet bowl mixer, complete with realistic flushing sounds. With this interactive tool, kids can concoct their own gross concoctions and mix them with gusto! But the fun doesn't stop there. The accompanying That's Gross Science lab book is packed with 26 super gross activities that will leave them squealing with both disgust and excitement.

Inside the lab book, young scientists will discover a world of icky experiments. They can create a foaming flush, make snot slime, mold potty putty, and even blow stink bubbles. These engaging and hands-on activities will keep them entertained for hours as they delve into the gross-out side of science.

The That's Gross Science kit includes a range of components to facilitate the experiments. From test tubes and a stand to a garbage can shaker and a biohazard cup, kids will have everything they need to unleash their inner mad scientist. The kit also features three gross molds (barf, maggot, centipede) for added grossness, along with a worm spoon, bubble wand, and funnel.

With its 24-page full-color book, That's Gross Science provides step-by-step instructions and fascinating facts to enhance the learning experience. It's an immersive and educational journey through the world of gross science.

Get ready to embrace the icky, smelly, and downright gross side of chemistry with That's Gross Science. This kit is designed to captivate children's imaginations and spark their curiosity about the weird and wonderful world of science.


  • Motorized toilet bowl mixer with flushing sounds
  • Garbage can shaker
  • Biohazard cup
  • Test tubes and stand
  • 3 gross molds (barf, maggot, centipede)
  • Worm spoon
  • Bubble wand
  • Funnel
  • 24-page full-color book.

Warning: Gross-out fun guaranteed! Prepare to be amazed and disgusted in equal measure as you explore the fascinating world of That's Gross Science!

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