Collection: Kids Furniture

Cowrie & Conch have created or sourced some amazing ‘hero’ pieces for the nursery, bedroom, playroom and outdoors – lots of conversation pieces that the kids will love just as much as you do. They offer lots of décor and little accessories for boys and girls. While kids are at the forefront of their minds Cowrie & Conch are always thinking about the practicality of the piece for the adult too. 

Cowrie & Conch these two words drew great meaning to them, the exterior shell to protect and maintain a home to the living, breathing being inside, both shells have strong femininity and reproductive meanings in tribal life and the uniqueness that each shell has and brings to the world. They represent all these elements.

When founder Kylie had her daughter, she became obsessed with styling her nursery – “I did the whole nesting thing and used vision boards and did everything you would expect in preparation for her arrival” But every page in a magazine she kept seeing the same thing… a nursery or room with little life and meaning to it – it was as though it was styled for the parent, and it was missing the essence of who the ‘customer’ was the little girl or boy who soon will occupy the space and spread their little personality with the world. Every piece of youth was removed and all of a sudden, they were a little body in an adult’s room with maybe a toy here and there.

There is nothing more important to Cowrie and Conch than offering kids something for them. Every chair, table , desk, décor, storage is for them.