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Build-ables - Farm Yard Vehicles 2 in 1

Build-ables - Farm Yard Vehicles 2 in 1

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The Build-ables line from Construct IT is the perfect way for a younger child to have some creative fun. This set features two fantastic and fun farm themed vehicles for them to build!

The Build-ables Farm Hand is a ton of fun and the perfect set of vehicles to make sure any farm is well looked after. With this fun set, children can build a little truck that is perfect for transporting goods and animals and they can also build a little tractor to make sure the fields are looked after just right. It has a nice green theme to it which makes it even more fun for children to build. Each set in the Build-ables line comes with very easy-to-follow instructions so children as young as three can have fun making these with mum and dad.

What is really cool about this Build-ables Farm Handset is that while it is fun, children will also be giving their fine motor skills a good workout as they make sure each piece is snapped into the right place. This is a fun way for children to be creative and also get a good mental workout as well. This set comes in a really handy little case too which not only makes this look like a much nicer gift. It also ensures that children have a space to keep all of the parts so they do not get lost.

Suitable for ages 3 and up

Key Features:

  • ?This set is perfect for younger children
  • It is a great way to help a child play more creatively
  • They will have a lot of fun making both of these farm vehicles
  • It comes with all they need inside the box
  • The box can be used as a little carrying case
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