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Paola Reina

Paola Reina Baby Doll 21cm assorted*

Paola Reina Baby Doll 21cm assorted*

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  • Soft vanilla scented
  • The dolls eyes stay open and do not close
  • Facial features are hand painted (eyebrows, lips, cheeks)
  • Clothing is as shown in the photos
  • The doll's arms, head and legs turn to allow for standing or sitting positions
  • Do not immerse doll in water
  • Approximate Size: 21cm tall
  • Anatomically correct
  • Suitable for ages 3+ Years
  • Made in Spain

Playing with dolls is a wonderful thing, it helps children to know the world around them and to transform it through the game in a more beautiful place. All children need a doll to play with to project through it a view to a real world and to objective and possible life options. A doll to look alike and be an expression of their needs, solutions and positive influences.

This exquisite range of Paola Reina dolls, clothes and accessories are manufactured 100% in Onil (Alicante), Spain, the birthplace town of the dolls. 

Price is for one doll with clothing.

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