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Sparkle Girlz 4.7" Unicorn Assorted*

Sparkle Girlz 4.7" Unicorn Assorted*

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The mini unicorns are the most magical creatures in all of the Sparkle Kingdom, also making this the most rare ones too! Each mini doll also has a best friend real unicorn, which one will you choose for her?? (Sold separately).

Each doll has a unique personality and style with her stunning horn and ears, elegant magical dress, elegant pastel shoes and colorful hair. The long hair is super soft and smooth and so perfect for brushing and styling, and the dolls are poseable too!

There are 2 gorgeous unicorn dolls to collect - which will be your new best friend? Take your new unicorn friend with you everywhere to show her off to all your friends! All outfits and accessories are interchangeable with other Sparkle Girlz dolls (sold separately).

Collect all 12 magical Cupcake Sparkle Girlz dolls in adorable cupcake packaging! Styles may vary.

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